Rihanna, Chris Brown Relationship: Z100's Elvis Duran Weighs In On Their Reconciliation (EXCLUSIVE)

Reportedly, Rihanna has forgiven Chris Brown and is trying to work on their relationship, but a lot of people are skeptical of their rekindled romance.

The Huffington Post spoke to Z100's Elvis Duran from Elvis Duran and the Morning Show at the Jingle Ball 2012 Official Kick Off Party at Aéropostale Times Square yesterday (Oct. 19), and he gave his two cents on the singers' reconciliation.

"I do know Rihanna and I do know Chris Brown, but I don’t know either of them well enough to really comment on it," Duran told HuffPost exclusively. "It’s easy to make up in your mind what you think they should be doing in their personal lives and what they shouldn’t. We don’t know the full story, still it’s always fun to assume what is going on," he continued, adding, "She seems to have forgiven him to a certain point, but you never know."

The beloved radio host, who admits Rihanna is his favorite artist, is happy for her success and hopes she and Brown work it out.

"I love Rihanna," Duran gushed to HuffPost. "Her story has affected us all in one way or another so you hear her music, you see her videos, but also you know a little slice about her personal life that you don’t know about other people, tragic as it is. So you feel like you're a little closer to her."

"She seems to reinvent herself over and over and she’s come out with so many albums at such a fast pace, which is so unusual," he added. "I love to listen to Rihanna."



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