Rihanna & Chris Brown Are Telling Their Fans, 'We're Back Together' With Their Music

Rihanna and Chris Brown gave what they saw as a birthday present to their fans yesterday -- the release of remixes of two of their songs, which tell us why they are so in love again.
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Rihanna and Chris Brown gave what they saw as a birthday present to their fans yesterday -- the release of remixes of two of their songs, which tell us why they are so in love again.

It was
birthday Monday, Feb. 20, and the birthday girl couldn't wait to make it a special day in a way that no one would ever have foreseen three years ago, after then-boyfriend
subjected her to brutal beating.
But first, Chris Brown tweeted a birthday message to the woman
, "Happy Birthday ROBYN!" to which she replied: "Thanks!"

Then came the big gift -- first Rihanna tweeted her remix of "Birthday Cake" with Chris on vocals and then tweeted the remix of Chris Brown's new single "Turn Up the Music," to which she had lent her vocals, too.

The message couldn't have been clearer to the world: we're a couple again and we're saying it in the strongest way that we know how -- through our music.

"They are both powerful artists and music is what they are passionate about so using music to communicate with their fans is the most passionate statement they can make," believes celebrity relationship expert, Cooper Lawrence, author of the new novel, The Yoga Club.

I absolutely agree. This pair lives, breathes and eats music. It's second nature for them to express their feelings through their songs. And in this case, the lyrics that Chris Brown wrote to sing on Rihanna's "Birthday Cake" couldn't have been clearer. "Girl, I wanna f*** you right now. Been a long time. I been missin your body ... give it to her in the worst way. Can't wait to her blow her candles off."

Rihanna returns the hot favor on the couple's remix of "Turn Up the Music."

"Turn up the music, cause I feel a little turned on. Turn up the music, don't you try to turn me down. Turn up the music, can I feel it just a little more. Turn up the music, turn me up and take me down," Rihanna sings.

Listen, this isn't a couple that is comfortable issuing press releases about their relationship. They aren't going to release a "statement" about their love. This is what they've done instead.

"It's absolutely a public statement that they're together and that Rihanna thinks it's time for her fans to forgive Chris," believes Cooper Lawrence.

She thinks that if we, her fans, can accept the songs they did together, then it will be easier to accept them as a couple.

Chris Brown's mother/manager Joyce Hawkins is absolutely echoing that message.

"Leave those young people alone!!! Let them live their lives and go live yours!!!" she tweeted Feb. 20, on Rihanna's birthday.

Well forgiving and moving on is just fine, but let's sure pray that this pair has both had enough counseling -- individually and together -- to truly move on and not end up back in an abusive relationship.

Let's hope lust hasn't displaced every shred of common sense.

"They're both hot for each other. Sexually attracted and it's obvious that they want to be together again," agrees relationship expert to the stars, Dr. Gilda Carle. "And make-up sex is the hottest you can get. But let's hope that he's learned in therapy how to control his temper and that she's learned not to push his hot buttons."

Dr. Jeff Gardere, a contributor to HealthGuru.com, also worries that the pair hasn't invested in the therapy they need.

"They could shut people up if they announced they were together, but said they would be getting couples counseling," he points out.

Totally agree. This pair is clearly just so caught up in the heat they are feeling for each other. They had a real connection, a real relationship that was meaningful to them before it ended in horror. Now they are singing "let's do it tonight and do whatever is takes to make it right," in the remix of "Turn Up the Music."

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