Rihanna Ruthlessly Cyberbullies Her Biggest Fan, Apparently Has Too Much Time On Her Hands

At a high school in Baltimore, a 16-year-old girl decided on a Rihanna-inspired outfit for her Hollywood-themed prom. Alexis Carter walked the makeshift red carpet in a bat-winged pantsuit and presumably had the night of her life (or at least did fun prom things), only to later find herself being actively mocked by the entire Internet and Rihanna herself.

RiRi began by tweeting side-by-side photos, before riffing on the hashtag #PromBat and apparently being delighted by the joke "Dark Thot Rises."

"I was very offended," Carter told Fox Baltimore of Rihanna's tweets. "Why throw shade on it when you had on the exact same thing. The poses was different but the outfit wasn't ... She doesn't love her fans like she says she does."

In any case, Carter now appears to be embracing the meme, despite the fact that her current background photo features a grinning Chris Brown.



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