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Rihanna's Denim Thong Is Making Us Uncomfortable (PHOTO)


In case you haven't seen the big news today, here it is: Rihanna wore a denim thong.

We think. A photo started circulating this morning allegedly pulled from RiRi's Instagram, showing nothing but a bare butt wearing a red lacy thong and a pair of jeans cut into a thong shape on top.

While the photo isn't currently up on Rihanna's Instagram, our friends at The Cut helpfully pointed out that the tattoo on the left, er, cheek matches Rihanna's Tibetan tattoo seen in other photos. Plus, posting backside selfies is sort of Riri's thing.

But the identity of the taut tush is not the most important issue at hand. The more pressing matter that must be discussed: that DENIM THONG. How does one cut such a thing so perfectly? How uncomfortable is it? Do they sell those in stores? We just have so many questions.

Check out the photo:

FAST FORWARD TO May 2013 and you have Miss ThangRihanna 'Pouring It Up' in this 'Denim Thong' number! Thoughts?…

— ACCORDING TO JERRI (@JerriMokgofe) May 22, 2013

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