Rihanna, 'Diamonds': New Single Centers On Brightly Shining Lovers (AUDIO)

LISTEN: Rihanna's 'Diamonds' Debuts

The wait is over for Rihanna fans. The singer premiered "Diamonds," the lead single off her upcoming seventh album, Wednesday morning.

The song is true to Rihanna's description of it: "hippy and happy." It's not a dance song, except in the sense that every Rihanna track eventually turns into a club-ready sing-along. Lyrics posted on the singer's website reveal a focus on themes that are pretty safely in Rihanna's wheelhouse. The first verse introduces the concept: "Find light in the beautiful sea / I choose to be happy / You and I, you and I / We're like diamonds in the sky."

It's a metaphor carried through the hook as well: "So shine bright, tonight, you and I / We're beautiful like diamonds in the sky / Eye to eye, so alive.'

The art for "Diamonds" featured Rihanna rolling a joint filled not with marijuana but glimmering stones.

Rihanna also expressed her anticipation in a video posted to Viddy, noting that she was more excited about the single than a "top secret" photo-shoot she was doing today in London. "Diamonds" is available in iTunes now. What do you think of the new track?

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