Rihanna Hits A Fan: Singer Seemingly Whacks Concert-Goer With Microphone (WATCH)

Rihanna is still touring in the U.K. and even though she's already had a busy week packed with sideboob and quality time with her brother, now she's making headlines for another reason. Last night as Rihanna walked through the crowd in Birmingham, she seemed to lash out violently and hit a fan. Here's the video of Rihanna whacking a fan with a microphone.

You can hear, "what the f--k" and an "oh my god" in the crowd. This is pretty similar to when Amy Winehouse punched a fan in Glastonbury back in 2008.

According to MTV U.K., Rihanna tweeted, "Purpose! That b*tch won't let me go" in response to someone saying the hit was by accident but the tweet no longer seems to exist.



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