Rihanna's Childhood Home: Singer Gives Oprah Tour Of House In Barbados (VIDEO)

When she was just 16 years old, Robyn Rihanna Fenty -- now known around the world as simply Rihanna -- left her family and the only home she knew to follow her dreams of stardom. In this clip from "Oprah's Next Chapter," Rihanna takes Oprah on a tour of her beloved Barbados -- and returns to the bungalow she shared with her parents and two brothers until she left for the United States.

Driving through her old neighborhood, Rihanna waves and greets old neighbors, who still call her "Robyn." And luckily, the current owner of Rihanna's childhood home lets the music superstar, Oprah and a cameraman come in. Rihanna shows Oprah where she and her brothers used to play, where they slept, and where she learned to cook.

"I used to help my mom cook, and I learned everything I know of the kitchen ... on this [stove]," the singer tells Oprah.

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