Rihanna & Lady Gaga Wear Stiletto Nails, So Why Can't We? (VIDEO, POLL)

Would You Wear Stiletto Nails?

With a standing weekly appointment at my local nail salon (and an entire bathroom shelf stocked with nail polishes, pens and stickers), it's pretty clear that I'm obsessed with nail art. And while I don't allow seasons or trends to stop me from sporting a neon manicure year-round, I couldn't resist testing out celebrities' latest obsession: stiletto nails.

Popularized by stars like Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Fergie, these dagger-like digits make accomplishing even the simplest tasks an Olympic feat. But these stars prove that sending a text message, putting in contact lenses or strapping on high heels aren't things to worry about when you have multiple assistants.

Challenged by Stylelist fashion editor Christina Anderson to give these talons a try, I entrusted B. EZ for Bombe d'Ongles with designing a metallic gold-and-studded set (inspired by Prada's Minimal Baroque sunglasses) before hitting the streets of New York City to find out what people thought about my look.

Would you wear stiletto nails?

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