Uh, Rihanna Is Not About To Date Matt Barnes

The pop star has shot down the rumors with seven exquisite hashtags.

Matt Barnes has made a career out of talking trash, but that’s not going to stop Rihanna’s most recent burn from hurting any less. 

The magnificent superstar pop queen shot down rumors that she is dating a role player for a small market NBA team on Instagram late Sunday. Barnes had implied in an interview with TMZ that there was a possibility he and the goddess otherwise known as Rihanna might have a chance. “I think it just passed the crush stage a little bit, just a little bit though,” he said. TMZ “sources” had previously stated the pair had gone on two dates.

No, said the queen on Sunday. With seven hashtags, Rihanna quashed the rumors, said she is not into Barnes at all, stated she never even met him, and in a cherry-on-top moment, even accused him of defamation. It was social media at its finest. Here are the hashtags for you to memorize for use in your own personal life:








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Either the 35-year-old Memphis Grizzlies player saw this whole thing as some sort of joke, or we have learned that NBA players like to float dating trial balloons through the press. There is no middle ground. Either way, Ba-RiRi is not happening.


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