Watch Prince Harry And Rihanna Get Tested For HIV Together

The message: Everyone should do it.

Two new besties came together again for one important cause on World Aids Day.

Prince Harry attended a “Man Aware” event in Barbados on Thursday during his two-week tour of the Caribbean. He underwent an HIV test in an ongoing effort to “encourage men to get tested and talk about HIV/AIDS,” according to Kensington Palace.

But in a totally badass twist, Rihanna joined Harry at the event to get tested herself. A video shows the royal psyching out his new Barbadian friend ahead of her test. “You made it seem like it hurt,” she joked after having her finger pricked like a champ.

For his part, Harry jokingly asked his medical professional to not take all his blood, and made a couple of heartstring-tugging puppy dog faces. We should have known Rih would be better at this.

Harry has done his fair share of work toward de-stigmatizing getting tested. In July, he underwent a live HIV test on Facebook that garnered over two million views and, according to the U.K.-based Terrence Higgins Trust, caused a large spike in orders of a free at-home test as a result.

With Rihanna on board, this awesome move helps promote how easy and important it is to have HIV tests. Good work, you two!

World AIDS Day 2014