Rihanna Wants You To Pay $175 For Mostly Just Sleeves

We're not sure how this would work (work, work, work, work).

Do you like reigning pop princess, fashion risk-taker, queen of Drake’s world, and dream best friend Rihanna?

Of course you do. You’re human! But do you like her enough to buy this $175 crop top that is less of a shirt and more like two giant sleeves?

Even we’re not sure about this one.


These sleeves ― er, the Super Long Sleeve Crew Neck Crop Top ― is part of Rihanna’s highly anticipated FentyxPuma collaboration, which made its runway debut in February and officially launched on Tuesday.

Among her line’s other offerings are $140 bras, $80 t-shirts and a $425 maxi kimono track jacket that, yes, is exactly what it sounds like.

But it’s the excessively long, excessively priced tiny top that really had us scratching our heads ― that is, of course, until Rihanna demonstrated how exactly to wear such a shirt at the launch in New York City Tuesday:


Oh, what’s that you say? This is the same woman who romped around New York City in a giant heart-shaped red fur coat just a day earlier? Right.

Still, we have to give the seemingly non-functional shirt some credit. It’s perfect for people who hate wearing gloves, and for people who sometimes like to wear their shirts as pants.

Head to Puma to see the entire collection.

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