Rihanna: The Girl Who Went Running Back

Rihanna could have made a difference. Instead, she will go down in hip-hop history as the girl who went running back.
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Apparently Rihanna did not go to my high school.

Through my years of health teachers lecturing me about healthy relationships I know that if a boy so much as raises a hand at me, I get out of there.

Well, Chris Brown did a lot more than just raise a hand at Rihanna. The evidence is there, the whole country has been witness to it, yet Rihanna is so quick to forget. It makes me worry about her and the example she is setting for her many followers.

Don't get me wrong. I love a good Rihanna song. Or as I like to call it, a "classic Rihanna" song. I could dance for hours to "Pon de Replay" or "Don't Stop the Music," but recently her songs have gone down hill. Ever since her altercation with Chris Brown her upbeat, pop songs have been overshadowed by dark, sadistic themes.

When I first heard "Love the Way You Lie," I wanted to scream! Here is a girl who just recently got assaulted by her boyfriend and then she goes running off singing about how she loves the way it hurts.

Rihanna is the farthest things from a role model, but that does not stop the hundreds of thousands of fans who worship her and the ground she walks on. Fans are seeing how Rihanna handled the Chris Brown situation and the many photos posted weekly of her partying and drinking. Parents should shield their kids from the wrath of Rihanna.

Despite her horrible influence, little girls around the world still look up to her and will one day be forgiving their abusive boyfriends in the name of Rihanna and that is what scares me.

Rihanna does not understand the power she yields and the influence she has over teenagers, or maybe she just does not care. I would like to think if she did know or felt any responsibility as a role model, she would dump Chris Brown on the street like he deserves because he is getting off way too easily. The rapper, who was chastised four years ago after news of the abuse surfaced, has been forgiven. He is back to having many admirers and selling plenty of songs. Just as Rihanna is welcoming him back into her arms, so is the rest of America.

Rihanna should have taken a stand. She should have spoken out against abusive relationships, used her fortune to start a charity and help fellow victims. Instead, she took the opposite side. She sang about her love for pain especially in a sexual relationship.

Rihanna could have made a difference. Instead, she will go down in hip-hop history as the girl who went running back.

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