Rihanna Reigns As The Unofficial Selfie Queen, Our Favorite Snaps From The Star (PHOTOS)

Selfies are serious business. The perfect pic requires the right lighting, angle, outfit and it also helps if you're one of the world's biggest rockstars -- which is why Rihanna could be considered the unofficial queen of the personal portraits.

There are few people beyond RiRi who have the skills to fully capture their beauty from both the front and back (read: butt). In fact, she even has a list of tips for selfie perfectionists.

The pop star is currently celebrating her 26th birthday in Aspen with her besties and producing more jealousy-inducing photos for our viewing pleasure. But in honor of her big day, we've decided to round up our all-time favorite RiRi snaps, because no one serves sassy and sexy selfies like this chick!

Check 'em out...

Duck Face Rihanna

Lounging-On-My-Yacht Rihanna

Gone Grey Rihanna

I-Woke-Up-Like-This Rihanna

Messy-Hair-Don't-Care Rihanna

BFF Life Rihanna

Beach Bum Rihanna

Lovely-In-Locs Rihanna

Carnival Cutie Rihanna

Mommy's-Little-Girl Rihanna

Metal Mouth Rihanna

Getting-Glammed-Up Rihanna

Big Sister Rihanna

Wildlife-Loving Rihanna

Bath Time Rihanna

Blonde Ambition Rihanna

XXX Rihanna

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