Rihanna Is The Best-Smelling Person On Earth, According To A Long List Of Celebs

Lil Nas X, Cardi B and Nick Jonas are just a few of the lucky ones to have gotten a "heavenly" whiff.

You can dress like Rihanna, wear the same makeup as Rihanna, even buy the same underwear as Rihanna.

But you cannot smell as good as Rihanna. At least, not according to this list of celebrities who have all, on separate occasions, remarked on just how good she smells.

Twitter user @thickannawhore (who has delighted in being referred to as such and told HuffPost that while she can’t disclose her full name, she goes by Ni) shared an illuminating thread Tuesday aptly titled “rihanna smells fucking good (a thread).” What follows is a laundry list of celebrities and influencers remarking on just how delicious the mogul smells.

Lil Nas X and beauty vlogger Nikkie de Jager both confirmed she smells like “heaven.” Ryan Seacrest, who for some reason admitted that he smells “everyone on the red carpet,” called her “the best-smelling celeb” at the Grammys. Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson even made talk show host Norton Graham take a whiff of Rihanna when they appeared on his show together.

All the hype has led some to believe that the thread might be a marketing stunt for a new Rihanna fragrance — and the fact that “Ni” won’t offer up her true identity doesn’t do much to squash those suspicions.

A Harper’s Bazaar reporter did some sleuthing and found that RiRi wears a scent by Kilian called Love, Don’t be Shy. But as “Ni” pointed out on Twitter, wearing the same fragrance as her doesn’t mean you’ll get to smell like her. “Y’all don’t have the same body care routine as her and she likes to mix her fragrances,” she wrote.

Regardless, the thread is delightful proof of what we all already knew to be true: Rihanna exists on a different, better-smelling plane than the rest of us mere mortals.

Check out more accounts of Rihanna’s superior scent below.

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