Rihanna's Tour Bus Stopped At Canadian Border, Marijuana Discovered (REPORT)

Rihanna's Tour Bus Stopped At Canadian Border For Drugs

A tour bus for Rihanna was discovered to have marijuana on board when trying to cross the Canadian border. TMZ reports that 10 tour buses -- none of which contained the 25-year-old "Diamonds" singer -- were halted at Detroit's Ambassador Bridge when trying to exit Michigan into Canada. Authorities "smelled marijuana on one of the buses and intimated a secondary, bus-to-bus search," according to the website, resulting in a civil penalty charge for the passenger found in possession of the drug.

Rihanna's predilection for weed has been well-documented in the past. In addition to dressing up as the bluntly titled "Bride of Mary Jane" for Halloween last year, the singer has shared several graphic photos of herself smoking, and of weed paraphernalia in general, on her Instagram account.

In September, singer Fiona Apple found herself in a similar situation when she was arrested for drug possession on her tour bus when trying to cross the border into Mexico from Sierra Blanca, Texas.

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