Riker's Chair Moves On 'Star Trek' Will Mesmerize You (VIDEO)

You Can't Unsee This Mesmerizing Riker 'Star Trek' Supercut

If you've ever wondered how "Star Trek: The Next Generation's" Commander Riker sits in a chair, you now have an answer: like a boss.

Even if you're a devoted "Star Trek" fan, you may never have noticed how Riker (Jonathan Frakes) takes charge of certain sitting situations. He can't show those big chairs on the Enterprise bridge who's boss -- they're just too large -- but when it comes to Ten Foward (the ship's lounge), meetings in Captain Picard's (Patrick Stewart) office or conference room situations, Riker pulls up a leg and just swings it over those dinky, futuristic chairs, as if he's some intergalactic cowboy at an Old West saloon.

Maybe it was all part of the Riker method of warning alien evildoers of his manly virility. Maybe as a tall man, Frakes just looked silly sitting in those Starfleet chairs the normal way. Maybe it just added a bit of fun to the day for the "Star Trek" cast.

Or maybe Riker is just a badass. We're going to go with Option 4. (And we're also going to wonder: How did his castmates not crack up every time he did this?)

In closing, we offer a Starfleet salute to WeirdHat, the YouTube genius who put this supercut together (the best part is the understated title of the clip: "Riker sits down." That he does).

All those years spent watching "Star Trek: The Next Generation," and we never really noticed how often Riker pretty much says to unsuspecting chairs: You got served. Thanks to WeirdHat, now we do.

UPDATE: A Reddit user said that Frakes' chair-sitting style was caused by a back injury (and a user who appears to be Frakes' castmate Wil Wheaton added the comment "confirmed...I served on the Enterprise with Riker for 5 years." Thanks to Evelyn J for the Reddit tip.) Well, however Frakes came up with this chair-domination strategy, we're on board.

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