Riley Curry Is Back On The Podium And Singing Drake

Riley Curry, Stephen Curry's daughter, already stole our hearts once during her dad's press conference after Game 1 of the NBA's Western Conference Finals.

But just in case anyone forgot, Riley made an adorable encore appearance Wednesday after the Golden State Warriors beat the Houston Rockets in Game 5 to advance to the NBA Finals.

Curry, who scored 26 points, surrendered the spotlight in the press conference. He pretty much had to figure no one was going to pay attention to anyone, even the NBA's MVP, while Riley was engaging in several acts of cuteness.

Like playing peek-a-boo:

Or bouncing, bouncing, bouncing:

Or interrupting a reporter:

Or taking a sudden nap:

Or singing Drake's chorus from Big Sean's "Blessings":

Yep, she's a scene-stealer all right.



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