Riley Curry Just Toying With The World At This Point

There are some cute kids in the world, sure. Maybe you saw a little girl with a little bow in her hair walking down the street yesterday. Or maybe it was a little boy running through the sprinklers with a funny hat and laughing a bunch or something. Yeah, those things are cute in a basic, we've-seen-this-before sort of way.

Meanwhile, Riley Curry is reaching levels of cuteness the likes of which humanity has never seen before. On a nightly basis, Riley is handing in multiple performances that would register as an average kid's best ever. Really, she's the Stephen Curry of adorableness. It’s not fair. Seriously, which of these adorable Vines is cuter? Is it even possible to say? No, it is not. It is not possible to say. Riley Curry is just toying with the world at this point.