Golden State Warriors Join Riley Curry's Parade

In case you didn't know, the Golden State Warriors won an NBA championship this week, ending the franchise's 40-year drought. Andre Iguodala also won NBA Finals MVP.

Per tradition, the Bay Area held a parade for their new champions on Friday.

But let's not kid ourselves here, people. We all know who the true champion is. We all know who the real MVP is. We all know who this parade is really about: Riley Curry.

Young Riley has been the breakout star and delight of the NBA playoffs and finals, so it's only fair that the city of Oakland threw the tiny tot her very own parade.

Now that the basketball season has finally concluded, yes, we'll miss the games, however, we'll miss dear Riley more. Until next season, we'll hold on to our memories.

riley curry

riley curry

riley curry

riley curry



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