Adorable Little Warriors Fan Asks Riley Curry To Be His Valentine

Roses are red, the Warriors wear blue ...

We all knew that Stephen Curry’s daughter Riley could steal the spotlight, but now it looks like she’s stealing hearts as well. Just about eight months after Riley burst onto the scene, blessing us all with her presence at her father’s press conference, one eager, starry-eyed young Golden State fan showed his love for the First Daughter of the NBA in the most heartwarming fashion possible.

Ah, young love. 

Prince Charming over here even got to meet Steph after Wednesday's game -- probably to ask him for his daughter’s hand in a Gymboree playdate. 

As the calendar turns to February this week, love really is in the air -- and nowhere is that more true than in Northern California, as basketball fans like Romeo over here watch their beloved Warriors give the kiss of death to opponent after opponent, every time they take the floor.


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