Straight-A Athlete Who Plays 3 Sports With 1 Arm Is An All-Star

The fact that Riley Quinn plays baseball is impressive in itself.

Even more impressive: He also plays on the football team and the basketball team, all while keeping a straight-A average. And did we mention he does all this with only one arm?

The 18-year-old Bay Area resident, a senior at St. Francis-Mountain View High School, was born missing a left forearm and hand after a broken amniotic band cut off circulation to the limb in utero. But, as MaxPreps reports, it has done nothing to slow him down -- if anything, it just motivates him even more.

"Riley always had that inner drive and fire," his father, Chris, told CBS' high school sports page. "Honestly, if he had both hands, he might just be a typical good athlete. Not having that hand just made him work that much harder and made his passion burn that much deeper."

Indeed, a look at Riley's on-field statistics show he means business. So far this season he's made 43 tackles playing as a defensive back, a wide receiver and the team's kicker. Last year, Riley made four interceptions, one of which he returned for a touchdown.

"He's an unbelievable competitor and has never used the fact that he is missing a hand as an excuse," his football coach, Greg Calcagno, told the San Francisco Chronicle in 2013. "He sees himself as only an athlete, competing on equal ground with every opponent."

Even with the end of the high school football season in sight, Riley has no plans to give up. "Football is my favorite sport," he told the Daily News. "I want to play football in college."

WATCH an NBC video on Riley, above, and a longer YouTube video, below:



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