Riley, Student With Down Syndrome, Hula-Hoops Like A Pro At Talent Show (VIDEO)

Few things are as frustrating as learning how to hula hoop. It takes coordination, practice and, let's face it, a lot of patience.

But one student seemed to be more than psyched to show off his amazing skills at a local talent show. And, boy, was his performance a crowd-pleaser.

Riley, a fourth grade student with Down syndrome, got the party started as he hula-hooped and danced to "You Can't Stop The Beat."

Gleeful audience members clapped in unison amid cheers and hollers accompanying Riley until his big finish.

One YouTube user recalled elementary school hula-hooping contest and said Riley would've dominated the competition.

"...Whoever was still going when the bell rang got a dollar. He would have made bank," user downcloud wrote in the comments section.

Riley's not the only one to gain attention for his talents in recent months.

Earlier this month, a video of 7-year-old Luka dancing to Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" made its way around the web.

In addition, several kindergarten students captured the hearts of thousands with their rendition of Madonna's "Vogue."