Zanger Rinus And Romana Chill On A Scooter In Bizarre Dutch Music Video (VIDEO)

WATCH: Amazing Dutch Music Video

Every once in a while a mythical beast of a YouTube video comes along where you can't tell if the people in it are kidding or being 100% serious. Thus is the case with this scooter-heavy musical number starring Zanger Rinus (or "singer Rinus" in Dutch) and his friend Romana.

He has no official artist page, but does have an unofficial fan site maintained by some admirers and a Facebook fan page with more than 80 members. Could this be a Dutch guy trying to make it big, or is it just a couple of goofballs making videos in their yard?

We may not know for sure, but that's not gonna stop us from watching.

UPDATE: We finally got the scoop on Zanger Rinus and his videos are completely genuine. We can say that he has been doing this for years, is mentally challenged and we think it's awesome that he has the bravery to put himself out there. More please!


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