Breathtaking Videos Show A Different Picture Of Life In Rio's Favelas

See more than 3,000 images of Rio de Janeiro, like you've never seen before.

Google recently launched a new platform “Rio: Beyond the Map,” showing Rio’s favelas using 360-degree videos. The tool also includes panoramas more than three thousand images and historical exhibitions of Rio de Janeiro. The project integrates Google Arts & Culture, which brings together art collections from around the world.

The series of videos available on the platform features stories of the residents of the communities in Portuguese and English. Among the highlights of photographic archives, there are interactive tours of Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer) and visits to Pier Mauá (Mauá pier).

The project aims to show the little-known side of these informal communities, home to 1.4 million Cariocas. “Slums are not simply a place, they are a community, and to understand them, you need to enter and see it for yourself,” says the video as an introduction to the project offering a real immersion in this reality. 

Google also announced the update of the Olympic Park in Google Maps with over 3,000 new commercial establishments including interior views of hotels, restaurants, and bars in Rio de Janeiro. “This will be the most digital Olympics in history, for our part, we will have information on all of the events, before and after, including integrated video searches” said Google spokesman. In addition, Google will provide the official Youtube videos of the best moments of the games in 60 different countries.



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