Rioting Has No Color


Photo Credit: Citifmonline

To "Behave in an unrestrained way" is one of the definitions of rioting. An unrestrained way. It's painful to watch the rioting in Baltimore, and the lack of restraint, but it's also painful to listen to all the comments being made. I've heard so many people rioting with their mouths, in an unrestrained way. So many hateful, ignorant comments; that it saddens me.

I by no means condone any of the rioting that is being done in the city of Baltimore or anywhere for that matter. In fact, I absolutely hate it. It should be a time to build the city up, not tear it down. The violence and destruction is absolutely ludicrous, and working against the cause. And although I fully believe that it is horrifically uncalled for, I also believe the comments being made are equally such.

It's so sad to see such segregation and ignorance in a time that is a very teachable moment. A time when education, compassion, and understanding should be on the rise, and unite people instead of tear them apart. I hear so many people making comments about the riots themselves, but never once hear these people make comments about the issues prior to the riot.

And the comments are so outrageous, comments such as... "they're just playing into the stereotypes."

What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Stereotypes about what?

Black people rioting?

When was rioting ever just a "black thing"?

When was violence ever just a "black thing"?

I've seen some pretty heavy rioting, looting, and so on over a sporting event, where white people were the primary rioters. OVER SPORTS!

However, I do know that there were plenty of "restrained" white people who disagreed with that kind of rioting as well, but I never once heard anyone say... "Now that's playing into the stereotype." So again, I ask...what the hell does that mean?

White people have been rioting since the very beginning of this country, during the Civil War of this country, and many other times throughout history. But again, when white people show a type of unrestraint, why is their race never brought into question? What does their race have to do with their inability to control themselves or making poor choices? Isn't that the individual and not the race?

Rioting has no color! It's not a "black thing," it's not a "white thing," it's an "injustice thing." When a group of people feel they are not being heard, they take alternative actions. Again, I do not agree with these actions, but I do have compassion for those feeling unheard. I do have compassion for those who are lost. I do have compassion for the lives unnecessarily lost. I do have compassion for the men and women who proudly put on the blue uniform and work hard and just for their city day in and day out. And I do have compassion for the city of Baltimore.

So instead of being a voice of ignorance, segregation, and hate, I challenge you to be a voice of education, compassion, and understanding. And if you don't have that kind of voice, then at the very least, pray that we all find it.

Prayers for Baltimore.
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