RIP Castro (and Journalism)

So help me if is right, and Castro is, in fact, DEAD...journalism in this country is officially dead as well.

Unless the Commie died while getting blown by Britney or something, every news director in this country should be slitting their collective wrists.

We're beyond "new era of media" here. Horray for community sites that take citizen tips, but SWEET BABY JESUS if this is true there is NO HOPE for traditional news.



I'm disgusted, can you tell?

But here is where it gets fun-if there is no announcement, will those main stream media morons actually report on the FALSE report out of a celebrity gossip site? I say they do. I say they do just like two of my three local newscasts the other night lead with Lindsay Lohan's plea deal.

I'm weeping. I am. I may go watch The Paper with Michael Keaton just to make myself feel better.

Send me your local/national news links citing Perez. I'm anxious to see how this plays out.