An Easy, Fool-Proof Hack To Keep Your Jeans From Ripping

Stop the madness.

Your grandma may never understand why you would pay money for jeans with holes in them, but the reality is, distressed denim looks downright cool.

The big issue with ripped jeans, however, is that with extended wear, those perfectly sized cut-outs have a way of becoming giant, gaping holes, making it look more like you're wearing shorts with ankle coverings than on-trend pants.

Thanks to a new video from Refinery 29, you can kick, bend and even cartwheel in your distressed denim with ease. Using a hair iron and fusible denim patches, the seams can be easily fortified from the inside, keeping those holes at a manageable size for wears to come.

Check out the video below, and stop jeans from tearin' up your heart for good.

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