Rise of the Filet-o-Fish

The new filet-o-fish jingle may very well be the greatest achievement in recent pop-culture history.

Long the bastard child of the McDonald's extra value menu, the filet-o-fish sandwich will now occupy an inescapable place in America's collective consciousness. Once mocked by Triumph the insult comic dog as the only affordable sustenance of "geek[s] from another dimension," (@4:15 in the following clip) the filet-o-fish is poised to become the alternative sandwich of choice for the health-conscious McDonald's patron - insofar as a McDonald's patron can actually be called health-conscious, and indeed, I would say that forgoing grilled beef for fried fish is a not-insignificant step in the right direction for the average MickeyD devotee.

Behold the entrancing "beep-boop" of the jingle's electronic base line, the angelic choral "aaahhs" punctuating each phrase of the song, and the intoxicating voice of the fish itself which sounds like a studious-yet-funk-infused version of Kermit-the-frog. The fish beckons you with its siren-call of plaintive melodic exhortations.

Kate Ward of EW.com's Popwatch blog can't get it out of her head and claims that she finds herself "at risk to follow any instruction that freakin' fish gives me."

Even idle teenagers have managed to incorporate the jingle into their douche-y public pranks.

I believe that what we have here are the first rumblings of a cultural tsunami. In fact, it may only be a matter of time before the filet-o-fish unseats the mythic McRib from the peak of McOlympus.

Now if I could only get my local McDonald's to start carrying the Shamrock Shake. These day's it's even harder to find than a Dairy Queen that accepts coupons from cereal boxes.