Rise Up America: Meet Robby Wells

Everyone at some point in their life has faced or will face a midnight experience; whether it be the death of a loved one, an unexpected job loss, or a divorce. Their ability to overcome these obstacles is proof that you can rise up out of the ashes and come back stronger than before.

"The good thing to know is that a midnight experience doesn't last long."
- Robby Wells

Forty-seven years ago a gorgeous and talented young lady of Georgia found herself in a midnight experience when she learned that she was in fact pregnant by a married man with a family. With a bright future ahead of her she felt she had no choice but to abort her unborn child and scheduled the abortion. The young lady decided shortly after that she didn't want to terminate her pregnancy. Upon the birth of the child she put the baby boy up for adoption.

At six weeks old the beautiful baby boy was adopted by a minister and his wife. At a young age his father was appointed by Governor Jimmy Carter to a committee that oversaw special needs kids of Georgia which was a great fit for his father because his older sister was special needs.

Shortly after Jimmy Carter became the 39th President Of the United States. It was then when Jimmy Carter told the now Democratic Presidential candidate Robby Wells that he would one day become President of the United States. Jimmy Carter's words left a stamp on Robby Wells and inspired him to one day run for president. Who would have known that the unborn child that his birth mother carried would one day run for President of the United States?

Pictured here is Robby Wells as a kid with his mother,father, and Jimmy Carter the 39th President of the United States.

"I have been through a midnight experience from divorce to the loss of a job. I know what the people need and I believe that they desire that new car smell and my plan for the American people is the solution that will cause our country to rise up," said Robby Wells.

The Democratic Presidential candidate says that for the past eight years our country has experienced a collapse in our economy with 50 million people living in poverty and over half the population living in low income. With the millions of manufacturing jobs over seas. Wells plans to restore the economy and bring prosperity back to our country. We have a plan that will create millions of jobs and improve our infrastructure," said Wells. With many Americans out of work, they can't afford health insurance and Wells' plan will offer free health insurance for all Americans.

"America is sick and tired of being sick and tired," said Robby Wells. Many can relate to the rising cost of college tuition, so he plans to offer free College education up to a Bachelor's degree. Robby Wells' plan is to fight for equal opportunity for all Americans regardless of their ethnicity, religious beliefs, and/or sexual orientation. He promises to stand up and take responsibility for everything that goes on in this country.


Robby Wells believes that we are all very unique and that we can celebrate our differences because we have one common bond; we're all Americans. Recently Robby Wells took a trip to South Carolina for the removal of the Confederate flag and by surprise he realized he was the only candidate there showing his support. Wells says that in 2012 roughly half the voting population didn't go to the poles because there wasn't a candidate that they could relate to. Robby Wells is determined to change the current state of our country and lead this country in excellence. He is dedicated to the people and desires to elevate our country to new heights.

"I've taken a strong stand for the people and now it's time that the people RISE UP with me."
-Robby Wells

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Disclaimer: I, Tenille Livingston am not endorsing neither political party nor giving my personal opinion. These are the words of Presidential Candidate Robby Wells.