Rising Star: Jay James Picton (VIDEO)

In the past year he has worked with Booker T. Jones and John Legend, but fame wasn't always on the cards for James Jay Picton. Signed by Decca Records, known for discovering Tom Jones in 1964, a mere two years ago Picton was still a fitness instructor in the Royal Navy until a drunken decision changed his life.

"I was never really into music, but one night I was pretty drunk and bought a guitar as a bit of joke. Three months after that I injured my knee playing rugby...I was bored at home and didn't know what to do with myself so I started learning the guitar and through learning the guitar I started to sing", Picton tells Crane.tv. "And now I've embraced my soul voice, I am a soul singer."

Out Aug 27 Picton's new single, Long May They Roll, has already received the star remix treatment being re-worked by Malay, who has previously tinkered with tracks by superstars such as Frank Ocean, G-Unit and Andre 3000. And with a voice that has been likened to a male Amy Winehouse we don't think it'll be long until Picton too joins the ranks of superstardom.

Text by Holly Fraser for Crane.tv

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