Rising Star of Rap: Meet Logic

As both a musician and fan of music I've always looked at a song as a unique thing, not part of a movement, gang or club. If a song speaks from the truth and conveys insights that are universal it tends to get my attention. My Spotify playlist has everything from Cat Stevens to Jay-Z to U2. But, I also have an ear for new artists, those I believe are saying something new, presenting something fresh.

Recently I got introduced to a new hip hop artist, a rapper known as Logic. And I said this sounds fresh. Far from the braggadacio and my penis is bigger than your penis style often found in rap, Logic takes a different path based on his background. In some ways, Logic kind of reminds me of KRS-One in that he's taking a thoughtful approach to his music and message.

I happened to drop in on Logic's show in Los Angeles June 7 and caught the flow. With opening act QuESt, special guests and more, the show didn't disappoint. From his uncanny resemblance to Frank Sinatra, to a clever play on calling fans The Ratt Pack, combined with authentic raps from experience, it would be illogical to not see Logic continue to be a rising star of rap.

Check out an audio interview here:

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Artist photo credit: Visionary Music Group