Rising Stars of Rap: Meet Hopsin

If a visitor from another planet landed on Earth what would they think of the comings and goings of humans?

Oh wait, that visitor is here: meet Hopsin.

(photo courtesy Funk Volume video)

While not from another planet, Hopsin does come from another point of view. Which is why his rap stands out.

Sometimes it's the reason to the rhyme, not the rhyme for no reason. The hip hop artist and music label owner comes at rap from a different perspective. Almost as if he's sitting on a cliff looking at the comings and goings of people.

Independent minded.

The artist is currently on tour with labelmates Jarren Benton, Dizzy Wright, and DJ Hoppa in the Funk Volume 2015 Tour.


Where some rappers are switching lanes, playing the game, Hopsin seems to be hovering above the fray, Jetson style, asking more philosophical questions and making keen observations.

Example from one of his raps: did the man who invented college go to college?

Self reflection and social commentary about the traps humans get into, the patterns from cradle to grave.

OK 'nuf then. Listen for yourself to the audio interview: