Julian Assange Tried To Halt His Documentary, But 'Risk' Lives On In This New Trailer

Ahead of the movie's Showtime premiere, see a fresh interview with Laura Poitras.

Three years after “CitizenFour,” her revolutionary documentary about Edward Snowden, filmmaker Laura Poitras has turned her attention to another controversial figure who’s fought for government transparency: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange

Poitras’ explosive new movie, “Risk,” opened in select theaters in May. The following month, Assange and his organization issued a cease-and-desist letter attempting to stop the release of Poitras’ film ― an incongruous move given WikiLeaks’ creed. 

“Risk” airs Saturday on Showtime, and HuffPost is premiering a trailer that features a new interview with Poitras, filmed less than two weeks ago.  

“He is brave and self-sacrificing and quite brilliant, and then you’ll also hear this other part that is egotistical or condescending,” Poitras says in the trailer, referring to her experience capturing Assange in the wake of his scandals. “They both exist.”

“Risk” airs July 22 at 9 p.m. ET on Showtime.