Top 5 Riskiest Country Web Domains Ranked By McAfee

McAfee, an Internet security software provider, has released its fourth annual "Mapping the Mal Web" report (PDF), which rates the world's riskiest top-level domains (TLD).

McAfee used its Global Threat Intelligence database to analyze 27 million websites in 120 countries. According to McAfee, "[t]he database correlates multiple types of threat data from more than 150 million sensors located in more than 120 countries. These sensors--individual computers, gateway network devices, endpoint software, in-the-cloud hosted services--come from consumers, small- and mid-sized businesses, enterprise customers, educational institutions and governmental agencies."

The most dangerous TLD in the world is the .COM domain, also "the most heavily trafficked domain," according to McAfee. Meanwhile, .TRAVEL and .EDU were rated this year's safest domains.

McAfee found that the safest country domain for 2010 was Japan (.JP), which took the top spot last year as well. Catalan, Guernsey, Croatia and Ireland also ranked highly this year.

To see the country Web domains that McAfee rated "riskiest," view the slideshow below.

Are there any countries you're surprised to see on the list? Any you would have expected? Let us know in the comments, then check out our slideshow of the most expensive domain names here.

McAfee Ranks The Riskies Country Web Domains