Risks To Facebook: IPO Filing Lists Mark Zuckerberg, Google+, The Government As Risks

As part of its much ballyhooed S-1 filing on its road to going public, Facebook ($FB) also listed a set of "Risks Related to Our Business and Industry." These risks are laid out as a sort of warning for investors, a litany of things that could go wrong for Facebook and bring it crashing back down from its sky-high valuation that could reach as high as $100 billion when the company begins officially trading publicly.

Some of the risks listed should be no surprise -- members becoming uninterested over time, rival startups stealing users away -- while others are a bit more unexpected. (Example: One of the risks facing Mark Zuckerberg's company: Mark Zuckerberg).

Below, read why Zuckerberg could bring about the downfall of the company he created at age 19 in 2004, and check out the other major risks facing Facebook, including China, the U.S. government, and -- gasp! -- we the media! In all, the Facebook S-1 filing listed 38 major risk factors facing its "industry and business"; we've picked out the nine that caught our eye.