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Rita Hayworth, Dancer And Actress, In A Little Black Dress (PHOTO)

We know it's early, but you have to get a jump!

Rita Hayworth, considered by the American Film Institute as one of the 100 Greatest Stars of All Time, rose to fame as an American dancer and film actress in the 1930s. Although she was born with good looks and lots of talent, she did undergo her own Hollywood transformation, like many stars of those times. Rita changed her name from Rita Cansino and dyed her hair from dark brown to that signature red that made men swoon. During her career she worked alongside big names like Gene Kelly, Charles Vidor and Fred Astaire, and her poster in the famous film "Shawshank Redemption" served as an emblem of hope and the American dream, helping to make her the lengend that she is day.

In this 1940s photograph we see Ms. Hayworth perfectly posed on a bed. She is wearing what appears to be a classic on-stage performance look (note the top hat and white gloves), though it could also be a great New Year's Eve ensemble. The fitted sequined dress shows off the dancer's body, while her pumps manage to elongate her legs even while she is laying down. The bottom half of her outfit is rather modern, but the chocker necklace and curls are classic retro Hollywood. Will you be channeling Rita this holiday season? This may be an old photo, but some looks never go out of style.

rita hayworth


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