Rita Moreno Reveals The Difficult Truth About 45-Year Marriage To Late Husband

The 92-year-old "West Side Story" legend didn't hold back on her married life.

Rita Moreno said Wednesday she “probably” stayed in a marriage with her “controlling” husband for their daughter’s sake, and that “having to be with somebody forever and ever is not necessarily a fabulous thing.”

The “West Side Story” legend got extremely candid with People while discussing her 45-year marriage to Leonard Gordon, who died at age 90 in 2010.

Rita Moreno and Leonard Gordon married in 1965.
Rita Moreno and Leonard Gordon married in 1965.
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Gordon was a doctor who became her manager in the 1980s. They had a daughter, Fernanda Luisa Gordon, in 1967.

Eventually, “things began to get very tense,” the EGOT winner confided to People. “And if it were not for my daughter, I probably would have left.”

Moreno said she and Leonard had an understanding.

“In my case, it was, ‘You’ll be the daddy and take care of me. And I’ll be your little girl and I’ll make you very happy.’ There came a time when I didn’t want that anymore. And that’s when the marriage got into trouble.”

Moreno noted that her husband was funny and a devoted grandfather, but their long-term union taught her a “big, deep lesson.”

Leonard Gordon and Rita Moreno at the White House in 1985.
Leonard Gordon and Rita Moreno at the White House in 1985.
WWD via Getty Images

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