Dragons, Drums & Dancers: Sky-High Celebrating at Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong (VIDEO)

WATCH: The Ritz Carlton Hong Kong's Grand Opening
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The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong officially opened its doors on March 28 as the highest hotel in the world. Today, May 3, the hotel is ready to party.

The week before the official opening in March, I went inside the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong and spent 10 days behind-the-scenes with hotel management and employees, delivering live coverage from Hong Kong to HuffingtonPost Travel. As the only member of the media allowed inside the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong before it officially opened, readers got an inside look on how luxury comes to life at the Ritz-Carlton.

From the employees to the restaurants to the live shots from the highest bar in the world, there wasn't one inch of the hotel left uncovered or one view missed. Now, the official grand opening event of the hotel takes place and we have the live stream coverage straight from Hong Kong.

The official grand opening ceremony six weeks after the real hotel opening is unusual by most standards, but not to those who rely on numbers. In Asia, May 3rd is an extremely auspicious day on the lunar calendar, which is said to bestow much luck and prosperity on the building.

And so it's with that luck and good fortune that we are streaming live the events of the day in Hong Kong. On the guest list for May 3 at the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong: Dragons, dancers, a few speeches and an special performance by opera singer Katherine Jenkins. Watch it here live starting at 6:00 a.m. EST:

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