'Riverdale' Star Lili Reinhart Apologizes For Insensitive Halloween Tweet

“I apologize. Never meant any harm. I can see how it could’ve been misinterpreted.”

Lili Reinhart caught some backlash over her choice for a Halloween costume. 

The “Riverdale” star tweeted a photo of what appeared to be a demon with a painted black face. Reinhart has since deleted the tweet, but screenshots have shown the picture and caption.

Perez Hilton tweeted a photo of the deleted post for “those curious.” 

″Found my Halloween costume!!” a screenshot of Reinhart’s tweet read. “Inspired by the color of my soul.” 

It’s not hard to see why people felt upset. 

Twitter users have accused Reinhart of “blackface,” makeup non-black actors used to portray black people in typically racist stereotypes. Reinhart acknowledged why so many felt angered by her tweet and issued an apology. 

“I did not mean for my tweet to come off that way,” Reinhart wrote. “I can see how it was interpreted as being insensitive, completely. I saw the pic on a Halloween Instagram and didn’t think it would be interpreted as being racially insensitive.

“I apologize. Never meant any harm. I can see how it could’ve been misinterpreted.”

Reinhart isn’t the first to be called racially insensitive over an ill-advised Halloween costume. Julianne Hough was also accused of blackface in 2013 when she dressed up as Crazy Eyes from “Orange Is The New Black.” Hilary Duff offended people in 2016 with a pilgrim and Native American couple’s costume.

Most don’t always think about the deeper implications of Halloween outfits, but at least the 22-year-old responded quickly by issuing an apology and owning her mistake. 

And hopefully, everyone learned a lesson this year. 



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