Riveting Video Shows The Harmful Consequences Of Objectifying Women

Are you listening, advertisers?

A powerful new campaign wants advertisers to know that many consumers are fed up with how women are portrayed.

Women Not Objects, a project dedicated to calling out the objectification of women in commercials, magazine spreads and other forms of advertising, has released a new video focusing on how harmful these unrealistic beauty standards truly are. The video highlights the way women's bodies become trending buzzy topics, pointing to the "thigh gap" and the "Kylie Jenner lip challenge" before pointing out how many ads use violence against women to sell a product.

As examples of these advertisements flash throughout the video, women comment on their dangerous consequences.

"I just think that it's harming women psychologically, physically, mentally, socially," one woman says.

To combat this mistreatment of women, people held up signs explaining why they're standing up to the use of women and their bodies as mere objects. It's not just affecting them. It's affecting their mothers, daughters, friends and many more. The setup is simple, but powerful.

Women Not Objects

Reminder to advertisers: when you treat women like objects to sell, everyone loses.

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