R.L. Stine: 'I Really Do Not Understand' Why People Like Dystopian Novels

Few books are as beloved among young readers as dystopian novels like The Giver, The Hunger Games and Divergent. However, one of the most iconic children's book authors doesn't understand what all the fuss is about.

R.L Stine, the author behind Goosebumps, spoke with HuffPost Live's Josh Zepps about his upcoming TV series, "The Haunting Hour," and touched on the ever-growing genre of flawed-society books that continues to take the world by storm.

While he said dystopian novels are "wonderful for publishing," the children's horror author doesn't share the same adoration.

"I really do not understand why people like dystopia so much. Why do they like dystopian novels? I'm missing some point here, but young people, they're not tired of it yet," he said.

Hear more of Stine's take on dystopian fiction above, and watch the full conversation here.

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