RNC Casts Pelosi as 'Pussy Galore'

At the end it says "Democrats Galore." Imposed with a naked woman behind the tag line. Get it? Subtle it is not. But check out the video at around :40 seconds; a split screen that says it all. "Pussy Galore" is shown with "Starring Nancy Pelosi the Speaker" over "Pussy's" image.

But hey, it's good to have a sense of humor about these things right? And who doesn't love the Bond films, especially those Sean Connery classics?

The RNC, however, is not celebrating the women in these classic movies, even by 1960's standards. Nor are they empowering women through utilizing one of the the cunning female villains who parade around in them by equating her with Speaker Pelosi. I shouldn't have to spell it out any further, though if the RNC doesn't have women in their leadership ranks or men who get this stuff and know bad taste when they see it, the Rush, Newt and Cheney Party (as they were aptly called on Hardball yesterday) is truly nothing more than a frat boy institution. No offense to fraternities meant.

That a woman, let alone Speaker of the House, should never be hinted to in any public way through the use of "Pussy" insinuations should be obvious. That this is being used by a once major political party in the 21st century is stunning.

But this is one way to skin an adversary, especially if she's a woman.

Earlier this week, Pittsburgh radio host Jim Quinn referred to the speaker on his program as "this bitch"; last week, syndicated radio host Neal Boortz opined "how fun it is to watch that hag out there twisting in the wind."

[...] But "hag"? The P-word? Really? Not only is it bad form, say Democrats and women's advocates, it's bad politics.

"They can't seem to distinguish between a backroom smirk among the boys and something you put out in public," says former Hillary Clinton senior adviser Ann Lewis of the RNC video. ...

As an aside, the video shown on Garance Franke-Ruta's post (who I believe saw it first), linked to by Ben Stein, seems different from the one now up on the RNC website, which you can see here. The earlier web video "removed by user." hmmmm... Wonder why?

If the RNC thinks this is the way to attract people to their Party they've evidently decided that women won't be a respected member of their tribe.

Someone needs to tell the Republican Party it's not 1964 anymore.

Taylor reports from Washington D.C. You can also follow her on Twitter.