Tweeters Take Hard Pass At RNC's Dinner And Photo With Donald Trump Prize

"Seriously? You're pushing raffle tickets to get a picture with an elected official?"

The Republican National Committee is once again asking for donations in exchange for the chance to win dinner and a photo with Donald Trump.

But the opportunity of eating with the president at the “Trump Victory Dinner” in New York City later this month has not whetted many tweeters’ appetites:

The RNC’s tweet linked to a fundraising page on Trump’s official website, which encourages people to donate to the Trump Make America Great Again Committee ― “a joint fundraising committee authorized by and composed of Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. and the Republican National Committee” ― and have a shot at winning transportation, accommodation and one ticket to the event.

The small print at the bottom of the page contained another link where people could enter the sweepstakes for free.

In recent weeks, the RNC has caught heat for using Twitter to try to cash in on National Puppy Day, make Mother’s Day great again and get folks to take a Trump approval poll.