The RNC Peddled Donald Trump-Themed MAGA Merchandise On The Fourth Of July

The Republican National Committee was accused of trying to cash in on the holiday.

Critics once again accused the Republican National Committee on Thursday of attempting to cash in on the Fourth of July celebrations after it hawked President Donald Trump-themed merchandise on Twitter.

The RNC shared details of a 20% discount on products purchased from Trump’s official website, where proceeds go to the Trump Make America Great Again Committee. “Celebrate America the GREAT with some red, white, & blue #MAGA gear!” it wrote.

Items for sale included a bumper sticker bearing the slogan “Build The Wall And Crime Will Fall” and an “Independence Hat” featuring the U.S. flag and Trump’s name.

The post garnered dozens of critical comments as users chastized the RNC for trying to profit from the day.

The RNC has faced similar accusations before, however, like when it promoted old Trump merchandise for the Olympics and pink-themed items for Mother’s Day.