RNC Hawks Trump-Themed Merchandise For Mother's Day And Folks Aren't Happy

"Never!" fired back actor Patricia Arquette.

The Republican National Committee is drawing scorn for once again trying to cash in on Mother’s Day by promoting President Donald Trump-branded merchandise online.

On its official Twitter account on Thursday, the RNC pointed its 2.3 million followers toward the Trump 2020 campaign store’s gift guide for the May 10 holiday. It has “everything you need to surprise the AMAZING mothers in your life,” promised the tweet.

Items available on the website include hats emblazoned with “MAGA Mama” and “MAGA Babe” for $55, and a 200-piece jigsaw puzzle of Trump that costs $35.

Patricia Arquette, the actor and activist, led the chorus of criticism condemning the RNC. “Never!” she declared in a tweet:

Arquette also shared this snarky GIF:

Others echoed the criticism and noted the timing of the RNC’s donation-seeking stunt, which comes amid the coronavirus pandemic that has now killed more than 60,000 people nationwide.

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