RNC Facebook Photo Taken Down: Racist Anti-Obama Picture

RNC Facebook Photo Taken Down: Racist Anti-Obama Picture

The Republican National Committee came under fire after a user posted a controversial photo on its Facebook page. The RNC "fan" upload features a picture of President Obama eating fried chicken with the slogan: "Miscegenation Is a CRIME against American values... Repeal Loving v. Virginia."

Loving v. Virginia is a milestone civil rights case that led the Supreme Court to rule that prohibiting interracial marriage violates the Constitution.

Though the "miscegenation" post was removed from the RNC's Facebook page after provoking outrage, Newsweek points out that the slip-up is not an isolated incident:

E-mail has been a recurring Achilles heel. In February, the mayor of Los Alamitos, Calif., sent around an image of the White House surrounded by watermelons; he was forced to resign. The leader of a San Bernadino County, Calif., Republican women's club resigned last fall when the club circulated a similar photo, with then-candidate Obama surrounded by fried chicken, watermelon and ribs. The web also spread word of two South Carolina Republicans' reference to a stereotype about Jews.

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