RNC Funding At Historic Low, Internal Document Shows

A new internal document from the Republican National Committee is bad news for the GOP, which appears to be in financial hot water in the run-up to a November midterm elections.

According to the report, obtained by CNN, the RNC had $12.5 million in cash on hand at the end of April, the lowest total for this month at any point during the last five elections cycles. (The report shows that the April average from the previous eight years was $40.4 million cash on hand).

The dismal fiscal report comes despite an April of diminished spending, with a disbursement total of $5,738,571.28, about $1.5 million less than any of the previous six months.

CNN points out that the fundraising numbers of prior election cycles must be considered with the knowledge that the RNC benefited heavily from having a Republican in the White House, and, until 2006, controlling both the United States House and Senate.

The financial report comes amid a recent shakeup in RNC personnel. On Monday, Politico reported that RNC Research Director Jeff Berkowitz, his deputy, Matt Moon, and Elizabeth Sayler, director of the RNC's Eagles fundraising program for high-powered donors, had all left the committee.

Earlier this month, RNC Finance Director Rob Bickhart, and Deputy Finance Director, Debbie LeHardy were fired by Chairman Michael Steele in a flare-up that came in the wake of the committee's infamous bondage club spending indiscretions.

Read the internal RNC document obtained by CNN: