RNC Promises "Asshole For President"

The Republican National Convention is now well underway and has, predictably, been a shitshow. We're just over a day in and we've already had a plagiarism scandal, a massive walkout, a motorcade accident, and they've yet to name Trump as the official presidential candidate for the Republican Party. Although the nomination is inevitable we can't help but sit back and wonder how we got here.

Republicans are mostly united in nominating an asshole as the GOP candidate for the 2017 election. Unlike other years, Republicans have chosen a rich white man as their presumptive GOP candidate. He'll tell you how to think, spread xenophobic ideas, build oppressive walls, "tell it like it is," and use fear to gain power. No, Darth Vader isn't running for the Republican party but he may as well be.

Now's the time to educate ourselves. With the amount of violence in America and the fatalistic politics driving the upcoming election it may feel like we're stuck in a Paul Verhoeven film but there's hope. If we reject the politics of despair we can unite in the upcoming election and embrace our differences, push for change, and elect a candidate that doesn't spread fear to gain power.

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