RNC Spokesperson Dodges Same Question About Election Result Over And Over Again

Paris Dennard just couldn't bring himself to say the election was legitimate during a grilling from ABC News' Terry Moran.

Republican National Committee spokesperson Paris Dennard just couldn’t do it.

On Tuesday, ABC News senior national correspondent Terry Moran repeatedly pressed Dennard on whether he accepted the results of the 2020 presidential election as legitimate.

Moran posed pretty much the same question to Dennard at least seven times. But Dennard repeatedly dodged giving what was essentially, as Moran noted, a “yes or no” answer.

“Are you dodging whether or not our country’s democracy certified by the 50 sovereign states, confirmed by 60 courts of law and President Trump’s own Justice Department?” asked Moran. “Are you saying those processes of democracy can’t be relied on? Is it a legitimate election under our Constitution and laws? Yes or no?”

Instead, Dennard responded by parroting right-wing talking points about election integrity and calling President Joe Biden a liar.

At one point, Moran told Dennard to “use the word legitimately.”

Still, he couldn’t.

Watch the video here:

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