The RNC Asked Tweeters To Tell Donald Trump Their Priorities. They Didn't Hold Back.

"Stop tweeting like a crazy loon."

The Republican National Committee used Twitter to ask people to tell President Donald Trump their priorities on Friday night.

And it provoked a series of curt responses.

“The President is listening,” the tweet read. “Let him know your priorities here.”

It invited people to click on a link to the GOP’s official website, where they could fill in a 32-question survey featuring questions such as: “Are you concerned by the potential spread of Sharia Law?” and “Is Russia a concern to you?”

On completing the questionnaire, it linked to a donation page on Trump’s official website, which asked folks to “please take the next step and consider making a contribution to help us enact our America First agenda and fend off vicious attacks.”

A screenshot from the website.
A screenshot from the website.

Trump likely won’t be focusing on any of the suggested priorities anytime soon: